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Press Kit
Company : SSL International, Inc.
SSLI Health Group-DBA

Address: 6765 Tulip Falls Dr. #1101,
Henderson, NV 89011
Contact Information : Phone number: (626)228-2738
Company Website : www.gumsolution.com
First Press Release : Ultimate Gum Solution(TM) Introduces Nutritional
Contact person : Sung Lee
Founded : 2002
Company Statment : Provide low cost natural nutritional solution with strongest antibacteria. Provide a non-surgical instant solution for gum disease and toothache.. Provide dental solution for the consumers who are afraid of visiting Dentist office and consumers who are financially not able to spend Thousands of dollars.
Company Mission : Health(Dental health) through education..
Newsletter : Dr. George Meinig, D.D.S
Expert Articles : Dr. Price ,D.D.S. and Dr. George, D.D.S.


: Ultimate Gum Solution™
Invented by Sung Lee.
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Ingredients : All natural nutritional solution with strongest antibacteria
1-1oz. Of Ultimate Gum Solution
Product test and clinical test info. : Dr. Ner Azaula’s, D.D.S. clinical test info.
Testimonials : Product users’  testimonials from worldwide
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12 Gum Disease
Life Saving Tips Now!
Did you know ?
You can stop Your Toothache Pain Within 30 Minutes!
Dr. Weston Price's D.D.S. Research Conclusion for the Cause of Dental Decay.
How Safe the Root Canal - By Dr. George Meinig,D.D.S.
Science behind, Ultimate Gum Solution
Degenerative Diseases Caused by Dental infections.
Bacteria and Other Microorganisms
Root Canal Disinfectants Prove Inadequate.
and More...
What is the uniqueness of Ultimate Gum Solution?
Ultimate Gum Solution is all natural nutrition with strongest antibacteria. Dr. Price’s final conclusion for the cause of dental decay was nutritional deficiencies. His research Took the worldwide tour to find the true cause of dental decay by visiting All native primitive communities how they kept meticulous dental health.

The secret was in their daily diet with the Good nutrition in their daily life. Whether the food from meat or vegetables they all have A good nutrition with good mineral waters. However as soon as these primitive natives started to live with sugar and processed food. Their dental health started to deteriorate . Dr. Price has been called the "Charles Darwin of Nutrition" in America.

Uniqueness of Ultimate Gum Solution is in natural nutrition with strongest antibacteria.