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World renowned doctor says...

"Who Else Wants To Prevent and Cure Gum Disease and Toothache
Simply By Using Nutritional Solution

Find your cure to toothache pain, bad breath, canker sores, gingivitis, periodontal disease and root canal side effects! The simple, yet POWERFUL, ideas on this page will give YOU the most effective of all toothache home remedies.

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It answers these questions:
  1. "Does Ultimate Gum Solution live up to its claims?"
  2. "Is this product just Snake Oil?"
  3. "Will I get good value - or be wasting my money?"
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70 Years Amazing Secret of Dr. Weston Price?s D.D.S. Research Info Became Factual Proof by Sung Lee, Inventor of Ultimate Gum Solution.

After 10 Years Successful Test & Experiment With 99% Rate, He is Ready to Share his Invented Secret Product, Ultimate Gum Solution for FREE to The World By Amazingly Easy 3 Steps Formula For Your Gum Disease Treatment...


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You can only GET what you want, If you help enough other people GET what they want.-Zig Ziglar.

dr. weston

Dr.Weston Price,D.D.S. who
Was called as Charles Darwin of
Nutrition in America concluded
"The cause of dental decay
is Nutritional Deficiencies".

Dr. Weston Price D.D.S. with 60 other leading medical doctors and Dentists (Including famous doctors: Charles Mayo, Ludvig Hektoen, Frank Billings, Milton Rosenau, William Welch, Thomas Forsyth, Truman Brophy, Victor C. Vaughn, Frank Lillie ) endorsed Dr. Price?s Research breakthrough conclusive scientific findings. These Documents were published in 1174 pages in two volumes in 1923. The main findings were the groundbreaking discovery "Focal Infection and Physical Degeneration by Nutritional Deficiencies and The Cause of Dental Decay is Nutritional Deficiencies"

Ultimate Gum Solution ? is 100% natural nutritional solution with strong antibacteria.
9 years proven "Secret Formula" with test results with thousands of users world wide.

  • There is no wonder why primitive cultures who took nature-based diets had perfect dental health while others who ate processed food and sugar based food had significant dental health problem?(Nutrition and physical degeneration by Dr. Weston Price D.D.S.)
  • Whether your dental problem is Toothache Pain, Bad Breath , Canker sore in the mouth or Bleeding gums, Swelling gums, Your dental problem can be solved by Natural Nutritional Solution with strong antibacteria.
  • Ultimate Gum Solution is 100% natural nutritional solution.

Introducing powerful NEW Ultimate Gum Solution? With All Natural Nutritional Solution

Use Ultimate Gum Solution and immediately feel relief flowing through your sore gums.  Live life again, feel relaxed and pain free, and never again be afraid to smile.

What's It There For Me?

Why Are You So Sure?
Yes, I Am The Inventor of Ultimate Gum Solution ?.

testimonial Ultimate Gum Solution: Your Secret Formula - testimonial end

I, too, suffered from painful gum disease.  I spent everything I had on dentists and medical treatments only to see my problem get worse.  My gums hurt, my breath was bad, and nothing I tried helped.  My social life was withering and my business began to falter.  Then I discovered the miracle of Ultimate Gum Solution.  

NOW I Have Been Free From Dental Problems for 8 Blissful Years.  My Life Has Changed Thanks To Ultimate Gum Solution ?.

For 9 years, I have not spent ?one red cent? on dentists.
People everywhere are using and loving Ultimate Gum Solution. I have thousands of customers and friends worldwide who have given me their glowing experiences after regularly using Ultimate Gum Solution ?.
I did not spend "one red cent" for my dental problem for last 9 years.
I have thousands of customers and friends worldwide, who has given me Their glowing testimonials by using Ultimate Gum Solution ?.

testimonial What is to be revealed here is information of great importance to the life of Every man, woman and child-and, what is more, it is new information even to those in the dental profession, for they too know very little of what, I am about to disclose to you. It is information that, in spite of the numerous exhaustive scientific studies which have painstakenly been carried out by Dr. Weston Price, D.D.S. was -- until now - shamefully buried for over 70 years as these theory of Focal Infection, physical degeneration by nutritional deficiencies and the cause Dental decay is the nutritional deficiencies as these theory is 100% accepted today. (quote from Root Canal Cover-Up, by Dr. George Meinig, D.D.S. testimonial end

Here?s The Science Behind
Ultimate Gum Solution?

When your body lacks proper nutrition, it loses strength in your vital Immune system.  Suddenly your body no longer has the ability to fight against dangerous bacteria . This phenomena creates Degenerative Diseases that lead to many illnesses in our body. Ultimate Gum Solution is 100% natural liquid nutrition with the strongest Antibacteria available to fight gum degeneration.

Ultimate Gum Solution Formula Follows Exactly The Same Results of Dr. Weston Price's D.D.S.Research Information. Dr. Price has been called the Charles Darwin of Nutrition in America. He has traveled the world to discover the cause Of  Dental Decay. His final conclusion was 'the cause of dental decay was nutritional Deficiencies'. Through my own research I met Dr. George Meinig, D.D.S. who is widely known as a meticulous researcher specializing in Dr. Price's Focal Infection Theory and Lack of Nutrition and Degenerative Diseases.

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Life Saving Tips Now!
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Did you know ?
You can stop Your Toothache Pain Within 30 Minutes!
Dr. Weston Price's D.D.S. Research Conclusion for the Cause of Dental Decay.
How Safe the Root Canal - By Dr. George Meinig,D.D.S.
Science behind, Ultimate Gum Solution
Degenerative Diseases Caused by Dental infections.
Bacteria and Other Microorganisms
Root Canal Disinfectants Prove Inadequate.
and More...
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Here?s the latest scientific NEWS on sore gums!
You can stop Your Toothache Pain Within 30 Minutes!
Dr. Weston Price's D.D.S. Research Conclusion for the Cause of Dental Decay.
            How Safe is a Root Canal? - By Dr. George Meinig,D.D.S.
            Science behind Ultimate Gum Solution
            Degenerative Diseases Caused by Dental Infections.
            Bacteria and Other Microorganisms
            Root Canal Disinfectants Prove Inadequate.
            and More...

From: Sung Lee,

Dear Friend:

Before I found this solution, I spent $200 to $300 on Every dental visit plus over $25,000 for major gum surgeries.  It was depressing.  I saw no improvement in my sore, bleeding gums.  Then my life turned when I began using Ultimate Gum Solution ?.

But I didn?t find this solution overnight. It took five years of Research, 10 years of experience distributing natural health Products, and 9 years of testing myself with tens of thousand of satisfied customers worldwide.

Feel Fabulously Pain Free From Gum Disease and Toothache!

Once I found this amazing solution, I had to share it with everyone I knew: friends, dentists, doctors, and most importantly, Mike Phillips, the CEO of Monastery of Herbs. As one of the most Respected names in natural health remedies, Mike?s opinion was One I definitely had to have. After all, he has been in the business For more than thirty years and his Herbal Pharmacy is one of the Most successful anywhere.

Mike was so impressed by the results.

But don?t take my word for it. Here are Mike? own words of Glowing praise for the Ultimate Gum Solution. From Gum Disease and Gum Disease Treatment Resource site you Can find all the relevant information on this amazing formula.

Free From Gum Disease and Toothache.

Gum Disease and Toothache - Mike Phillips,
Gum Disease and Toothache.
Mike was so impressed by the results, he decided to help me refine the Ultimate Gum Solution? formula.
"I have had bleeding gums for over 30 years. Time and time again I have tried both professionally and personally to stop this problem. Three nights ago I tried your product, the Ultimate Gum Solution?. It stopped the bleeding on the second Night! And it's completely healed! This is the best thing I have ever used and I have used dozens over the years. Thank you so much!"
Gum Disease and Toothache - Dr. Ner H. Azaula, D.D.S. (General dentistry)
Gum Disease and Toothache.
Mike wasn?t the only impressed users, however, Here?s what others Had to say as well:
" I have been using the Ultimate Gum Solution on my clients for one month. All of them have had good results. I want to recommend this product to anyone who has gum infection problem from gum disease."
Gum Disease and Toothache - Janet
Gum Disease and Toothache.
I just want to say that this stuff is absolutely fantastic. I was experiencing severe toothache (I don't think there is a mild type!!). Within a day the problem eased, now I am virtually pain free.

I have cancelled my dental appointment (thank goodness!!) realizing it was the gums not a tooth creating the problem. Also, I can even eat ice-cream with no pain.

Your product really is miraculous. I am just off to check out your affiliate programe now as I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending your products!!

As I said before I am totally impressed by UGS. I was experiencing horrendous pain which started to alleviate from the first application. After three days I was pain free, and it has not returned. Hurrah!!

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Hilda Boston,
+ More Audio Testimonials

An All -Natural, Nutritional, Amazing Treatment

Many people ask me the same question time after time:

"So What chemicals are you using to make this product deliver such fantastic results?"
Here is what our Gum Disease and Gum Disease Treatment Resource has to tell you.
Every ingredient in the Ultimate Gum Solution is 100% natural, Nutritional and has been widely used for medicinal purpose for Thousands of years.

Dr. Price found that at least 20 organisms were responsible For infections in the teeth. And these 20 organisms caused Not only gum disease but numbers of oral and dental illnesses Including periodontal disease,gingivitis,canker sore and bad Breath problem.

But more importantly, these germs are responsible for an Enormous number of medical diseases manifesting in other Parts of the body.

75 Percent of Adults Over 35 Have Some Forms of Gum Disease

Here are The Signs and Symptoms YOU Should Look For NOW:
  • Gums that bleed when you brush your teeth
  • Gums that are tender,swollen,red and discomfort when chewing food.
  • Constant bad breath are expelled whenever you open your mouth.
  • Gums that lost power to hold teeth securely
  • Pus in the crevice between your teeth and gums.
  • Teeth that have been lost, loose and separating.
  • A misaligned bite between upper and lower jaw contact.
  • Ill fitting partial dentures.
These Signs of Gum Disease Related Problems are Mostly from Lack of Vitamins and Nutrition by Loosing The Strength of Immune System which Causes of Degenerative Diseases.

Why is it unique?What does Ultimate Gum Solution? do to Our Gum Disease Problem?

It kills bacteria in the mouth and gum infection area and supply Vitamins And Nutrition and heal the infected gums.
  • Help the immune system fight off gum disease and toothache.
  • Work against a wide variety of bacteria.
  • Provide unique painkilling effects.
  • Relieve toothache pain instantly.
  • Prevent development of drug resistant bacteria and periodontal disease
  • Eliminates bad breath and the need for costly dental visits and expensive oral surgery.
  • Saves your teeth from being pulled out.
  • Saves you thousands of dollars in trips to the dentist and ineffective treatment.and gingivitis
  • Consists of 100% all-natural and nutritional ingredients - two of which are among the worlds most powerful: Morinda citrifolia and tincture of violets with over 96 nutritional ingredients.
  • Kills the bacteria at the root of the problem. And protect side effects of root canal.
  • Ends your pain once and for all. Stops canker sores at their root.
  • An Inexpensive, Effective Alternative Treatment.
  • Allows less frequent dental appointments.
  • Never again fear going to the dentist because you can?t afford the bill!

Don't Put Up with Painful Gum Disease and Toothache pain for Another Day!

Keep in mind, nothing can replace the benefits of regular, preventive Dental visits and health care. Unfortunately many sufferers wait Too long, are too fearful, or just don?t have the money to enjoy these Benefits fully. Ultimate Gum Solution is an affordable and Effective alternatives to costly dental procedures and an Invaluable addition to regular dental care, gum disease, periodontal disease, gingivitis, and bad breath  In Conjunction with dentists and doctors around the globe, we are helping millions of patients find relief from toothache pain and the agonizing side effects of root canal treatment.

So how much would you be willing to pay to end those sleepless Nights and pain-filled days associated with chronic gum disease and Toothache pain?

Probably a lot more than the Ultimate Gum Solution ? costs.

For only $29.97 you will receive a 1-1oz. of bottle of Ultimate Gum Solution ?.

If you still aren?t sure Ultimate Gum Solution is right for you, please read the following:

My solution works and I?m eager to prove it.  I?m offering a No-Risk 30 Day Money-back Guarantee!

You can?t lose with our 100% Ironclad, Money-back Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied.

Just contact us at:
or call us 1-877-309-0710

Within 1 full year and we?ll fund 100% of your purchase price. What we are saying is, don?t decide now if the Ultimate Gum Solution Is for you. Just get it now and Try It out!
money back
If it doesn't do everything we say and more.
If you don't find relief for your oral condition.
If you don't save time and money for dentist visit.
If your toothache pain isn?t relieved instantly.

We?ll Refund Double Your Money Back"


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So don't spend another night in agony or another day in the
Dentist chair, Order the Ultimate Gum Solution ? today.
sung lee
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Ingredient Info
Unique and proprietary blend of SSLI Health Group.

The Ultimate Gum Solution? contains Proprietary blended and processed Morinda Citrifolia, CoQ10, Aloe Vera, GinSeng Extract, Tinctures of violet, Sodium Carbonate, Sealogica, Pau D'arco extract, Natural Cranberry, Phosphorus, Potassium, and over 96 natural health nutritional ingredients. Among these include vitamins A, Beta Carotene, B-complex, C, D, E, F, K, P, Calcium, Magnesium, amino acids, enzymes, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen.

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